7 Amazing Lighting Ideas To Give Your Landscaping Added Appeal

7 Amazing Lighting Ideas To Give Your Landscaping Added Appeal

If you were to ask several landscapers what their favourite time of the day was for sitting in their garden, many would reply that it is after dark. Once the sun has gone down, and the temperature has dropped, there can be few more relaxing and enjoyable places to unwind at the end of the day, than sitting in a beautiful garden that has been subject to an awesome landscaping design.

Now, assuming you like that idea, but also do not plan to sit in complete darkness, your garden is going to need some lighting. You might simply install a small floodlight on the wall of your house, but if you want some lighting to enhance the atmosphere within your landscaping then you need to think of alternative lighting options. To help you start considering some, with the help of a reputable landscaping company, we have 7 lighting ideas for you.

Lighting In Trees

One of the most obvious places within landscaping where you can have lighting is in the trees. There are several options which include a string of lights wrapped around the trunk, string lighting throughout the branches, lights hanging from the branches, and a floodlight pointing upward towards the tree. Colours can produce an excellent effect with the colours of the trees’ blossoms and leaves contrasting with the colours of the lights.

Festoon Overhead Lighting

Festoon bulbs are often associated with beach promenades, and in small-town squares but they can be equally effective for lighting within a garden. The size of garden you have or the area you wish to light will determine how many festoon bulbs you need. Once you have them, you can be connected between two points to light patio areas, pathways, and decking installed by deckingsydney.net.au.

Discreet Lighting

This can be a lot of fun as you explore your landscaping design looking at places where lights can be discreetly positioned. the effect is that anyone in your garden is aware of the light being produced, but cannot see the light which is creating it. Every garden is unique so the specific places your lighting can be hidden will depend on what features you have.

Colourful Lighting

With this lighting idea, you can start with a blank canvas and select a series of lighting that can utilise as many colours as you wish. One specific lighting type is lanterns that have coloured silk surrounding them. A more basic idea is to simply purchase lighting which has coloured bulbs, For the best effects, use colours in specific areas that compliment any plant colours adjacent to them.

Artificial Flames

You may have seen lights that operate using electricity but produce the effect of a flame. These can come looking like candles, lanterns, and there is even lighting which can create the effect of the flames of a fire. Used correctly they can create a wonderful atmosphere in any landscaped garden and are especially eye-catching when there are several of them being used.

Ground Level Lighting

So far the lighting ideas we have discussed have mainly been for lights at eye level or overhead, but this lighting idea is for lights that you place at ground level. These produce a variety of effects including an excellent backdrop to certain features, they can light pathways and walkways, and they can even be used to create shapes. One point we must mention is that you should be careful you do leave trailing power cables on the ground that might be a trip hazard.

‘Anything Goes’ Lighting

We have kept this one to last as it is our favourite option. In effect, we are suggesting that you use lighting of any type, shape, size, colour, and design that you like that you believe enhances your landscaping. Just as you may have thought up the design for a landscaped garden, use that same creativity to choose lighting that you will enjoy seeing each time you are sitting in your garden at night. There are no limits, other than your imagination.