Cleaning Glass Pool Fence

5 Things To Avoid At All Costs When Cleaning Your Glass Pool Fence

Cleaning glass pool fencing can be difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible – if you do it right. However, doing the wrong thing when you’re cleaning your glass pool fencing can cause all sorts of problems, and can result in glass that looks a lot older than it is or that is visibly damaged or worn.

Luckily, most glass pool fences are pretty tough, which means that they aren’t easily damaged. Here you will find a short list of the 5 most common mistakes people make when it comes to cleaning their glass pool fence. Avoid the following at all costs:

  1. Using Harsh Abrasives

Although it might be tempting to use abrasives to clean your pool fence – especially if it’s quite dirty or hasn’t been cleaned for some time – you need to avoid the temptation! Abrasives like steel wool or sandpaper can scratch and damage your glass panels, giving them a worn look.

They will also scratch any of the metal components of your fence, making them susceptible to corrosion. Finally, abrasives will remove any nano protection that your fence has, which will make it wear faster under normal conditions.

Glass Pool Fence

Why Is It Important To Use High Quality Fittings With My Glass Pool Fence?

There are two main components that make up most glass pool fencing – the glass panels, and the hardware that holds the panels together. The glass has to be strong well made so that it meets the relevant Australian building requirements, while the fittings needs to be made well so that your fence is strong and aesthetically appealing for years to come.

Glass Pool Fencing Perth advise that glass pool fence fittings are usually made from tough, weather resistant stainless steel. This is important, because if they weren’t then they would have the potential to weaken over time, weakening the rest of your pool fencing at the same time.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a short list of reasons why you should always use high quality pool fence fittings. They include:

  1. High Quality Stainless Fittings Look Good!

Just because pool fences are legally required doesn’t mean they can’t look good as well! If you’ve decided to build a glass fence, you’ve obviously done so with at least some consideration of the fences style and the overall impact on your home’s appearance.

To put it simply, high quality stainless steel fittings will make your fence look great. Cheaper or poorer quality fittings might be more affordable, but it’s usually obvious when they’ve been used.

Common Landscaping Mistakes

5 Most Common Landscaping Mistakes

Not everyone grows up knowing the best landscaping tips and understanding how to create a magazine-perfect backyard. Even if you have spent countless hours thumbing through home and garden booklets, that doesn’t make you an expert.

As a result, unfortunately, you can find yourself one of the thousands of people who make the most common landscaping mistakes. Does this sound like you? Could it be time to call in the experts such as Landscapes WA?

  1. Not Getting Expert Help

While it’s okay to undertake minor landscaping work on your own, it can get riskier to go the process alone if it begins to get more complicated. If you are dealing with challenging terrain, a large area, elevation, or any manner of intricate designs, then you may find it’s an excellent idea to call in the experts. Otherwise, you can end up making costly mistakes that bring down the value of your property as opposed to increasing it.

  1. Don’t Forget the Front

When you are landscaping, you may spend all your time focusing on the backyard. After all, it tends to be where most families spend more of their time. However, include room in your landscaping budget for your street appeal. You could have a magnificent backyard, but if your front section does not match, it can bring down the value of your home and leave your guests feeling confused!

Rock Gardening

What Is Rock Gardening & Why Is It Popular?

Gardening in Australia can be very difficult, especially in dry and drought prone areas. Even the best landscapers can have trouble creating a sustainable garden which looks good when water’s hard to come by.

According to Landscaping Sydney, if you live in a dry area – or even if you just want a low maintenance garden which you don’t have to worry about watering too often – you should consider creating a rock garden. Never heard of a rock garden before? Don’t worry, in this article I’ll go through what they are, why they’re so great, and how you can create your own one.

What Is Rock Gardening?

Really, the concept of rock gardening isn’t too hard to grasp. A rock garden is a cleverly planned, sustainable garden which focuses on rock forms and design as much as the plants that are used. When built right, rock gardens require little care or maintenance, making them perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time to commit to their garden.

Historically, rock gardens were created in Southeast Asia – especially in Japan and China. Traditional rock gardens were designed to draw a person’s eyes to the rock structures and design of the garden, rather than the plants. The plants were really nothing more than background material.

However, you can design your rock garden however you want, with whatever style or plants you want. There’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Limestone Blocks

What Can I Use Limestone Blocks For?

Modern building materials come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can pretty much find anything you want if you’re willing to pay for it, but there are some basic materials which continue to dominate as building and landscaping materials. Limestone blocks are one of these materials.

Limestone blocks can be either reconstituted, which means that they’re made from crushed limestone and cement, or naturally quarried. Both styles of blocks can be used for a wide range of applications, and they provide an affordable, attractive option for things like retaining walls and houses.

Some of the most popular uses for limestone blocks include:

For Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are definitely one of the most common uses for limestone blocks. Most retaining walls are designed to hold back soil or rubble, allowing flat areas to be created at different heights. Since a lot of retaining walls have a lot of force put on them by the weight of the dirt behind them, they need to be strong. Limestone blocks are a very strong materials which – when used right – are one of the best options for building new retaining walls.

To Build Stairs

Limestone blocks are hard wearing and the renovation experts at think they look great, which makes them great for building things like stairs and paths. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which means that you should be able to find blocks that are perfectly suited to building the stairs that you want. Reconstituted limestone is usually stronger than naturally quarried blocks, making it the preferred choice for things like stairs which can experience a lot of wear and tear.

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Use an Experienced Landscaper

If you ask Divine Landscapes they say it doesn’t matter what sort of situation you are in, what your budget is, or how rich or poor you are – decent landscape architects can help you design the perfect yard and garden space for your needs. They will consider everything from your budget to the people planning on using the yard, and will design accordingly.

Although it can be tempting to try and save yourself some money and design your own yard, Space Designs advise that this usually isn’t a great idea. The chances are that you will run into at least some problems, and these can end up costing you a significant amount of time and money. If you use an experienced landscaper, they will be able to identify and fix potential problems almost they occur, helping to make sure that you end up with the perfect yard.

Our top three reasons why you should always use experienced landscapers include:

It will increase your property’s value:

Sure, you may do a passable job if you do decide to design your own yard and garden space. However, it will likely lack something of a professional touch. Although it can be expensive to use a professional landscaper, it will almost always be worth it in the long run.

A professionally designed and landscaped yard will help increase the value of your home. The outdoors is usually the first thing that potential buyers will see, and as they say, a good first impression is crucial. If you are considering selling your home in the near future, it could be worth redesigning your yard first.

Top Tips For Keeping the Weeds Out of Your Lawn

If you buy new roll-on turf from a wholesaler or turf farmer, you shouldn’t have to worry about weeds for at least a few months. However, they will come. If you seed your own lawn or buy turf from a dodgy grower, you might find that you have weeds from the start.

Unfortunately, weeds can be a pain in the neck. According to the The Lawncare Man they can make your lawn look poorly maintained and ugly, some of them have prickles, and others are poison or smell bad. Getting rid of them isn’t always easy, and it often involves a whole lot of grunt work with a spade and a weeding tool.

With this in mind, we have developed a list of top tips for keeping weeds out of your lawn. While you will inevitably get some from time to time, the following should help you keep on top of them:

  1. Make sure you keep your lawn thick and healthy:

The most common reason for a weedy lawn is having poor quality or patchy grass. If your lawn is thick and healthy, there will be less chances for weeds to take hold. Think about the following things to make sure that your lawn is strong and healthy, and therefore able to outcompete weeds:

  • Make sure that when you plant it, you use plenty of seeds or very healthy roll-on turf from a farm like Carabooda Lawn.
  • Make sure that your lawn gets plenty of fertiliser and water so that it can grow and stay strong.
  • Make sure that you use decent soil underneath your grass so that it can get its roots down and become well-established.

If you do this, then your weed problem will straight away be much less.

Common Lawn Issues

Common Lawn Issues and How to Solve Them

If you’re not a landscaping expert, then you may come across a few issues with your lawn and not know how to solve them. While many people ignore the problem and hope it goes away, when it comes to your yard, it’s in your best interests to be proactive.

Any number of lawn problems can be permanent, so as soon as you notice something wrong, you need to take action. You can call upon a landscaping expert such as, or you can follow this helpful advice below.

  1. Weeds

Problem: A common problem, especially with lawns you have not been taking care of, is that weeds take up residence in them. They can choke a garden take it over, and cause it to look terrible!

Solution: Fortunately, there is a way to solve and prevent weeds from taking over. Of course, you can get expert help, first and foremost. Or, you can remember to mow your lawns regularly with a sharp blade. You can also make sure your grass is getting enough water, supplementing it if necessary.

  1. Bald Spots

Problem: Men are not the only ones to suffer from bald spots; your lawn can too! Bare spots are areas of your grass that are not growing. They can occur for many reasons. It might be a heavy traffic area of your lawn, it might have a disease, or it might have had something set on top of it for too long.

Solution: Dig up the bald spot and a few inches of lawn around it. Rake and till the area, and add grass seed and topsoil. Water it, keep the birds off it and wait for it to come back. Plan your landscaping around this area in the meantime.

Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning Carpets During Renovations

Australians have been renovating their houses and offices and using carpet cleaning services for many years now, both for personal home cleaning and commercial purposes. In an industry where there were many players, those offering the best service grew in size and reputation. It hasn’t been easy for the carpet cleaning industry, and through the years there have been a few misconceptions about the business.

Carpet Cleaners Perth advise that one of the reasons for the advancements in the industry has been the development of better equipment and more importantly, the introduction of better products with which to clean carpets. As a result, there is more carpet cleaning and less replacement of carpets.

However, with such growth in the carpet cleaning industry, it also becomes crucial to eliminate the misconceptions connected with it. Here we take a look at the three most common misconceptions. The more you understand about how things are really done, the easier it is to make an informed decision.

Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation When Renovating or Moving

Some pets just love travelling in a car. Think dog, head out the window, tongue flapping in the wind, eyes closed in a heaven of new scents. Some pets are terrified because they think they are going to the vet. According to Removalists Perth regardless of which category your pet fits into, a long distance trip, as part of the removalists operation, maybe over a couple of days, might affect your pet worse than you think. Here’s a few tips to help with your pet relocation. Rabbits, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and more exotic pets like snakes, tarantulas and turtles can get quite stressed when they are taken from their comfort zone.

Stay! Good Dog!

Taking your pet on shorter car trips is a good preparation for the up coming move. You can build the distance so that the animal gets used to spending lengthy periods in the car. As well as walking the dog, take it with you on errands so it gets used to leaving and returning. You will have to decide on whether the pet will travel with you or whether you use a professional pet relocation company on moving day.

Pet Carriers

Work out your pet’s favourite travel style. Some pets move straight to their safe spot in the car, while others feel more secure in a carrier. If your pet frets, then a carrier is the best option. You can hire a suitable one or buy one if you feel that’s a great way to carry your pet in future. Don’t spring the carrier on the pet on moving day. That’s a disaster and not very fair to the pet and will cause it even more stress.