Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation When Renovating or Moving

Some pets just love travelling in a car. Think dog, head out the window, tongue flapping in the wind, eyes closed in a heaven of new scents. Some pets are terrified because they think they are going to the vet. According to Removalists Perth regardless of which category your pet fits into, a long distance trip, as part of the removalists operation, maybe over a couple of days, might affect your pet worse than you think. Here’s a few tips to help with your pet relocation. Rabbits, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and more exotic pets like snakes, tarantulas and turtles can get quite stressed when they are taken from their comfort zone.

Stay! Good Dog!

Taking your pet on shorter car trips is a good preparation for the up coming move. You can build the distance so that the animal gets used to spending lengthy periods in the car. As well as walking the dog, take it with you on errands so it gets used to leaving and returning. You will have to decide on whether the pet will travel with you or whether you use a professional pet relocation company on moving day.

Pet Carriers

Work out your pet’s favourite travel style. Some pets move straight to their safe spot in the car, while others feel more secure in a carrier. If your pet frets, then a carrier is the best option. You can hire a suitable one or buy one if you feel that’s a great way to carry your pet in future. Don’t spring the carrier on the pet on moving day. That’s a disaster and not very fair to the pet and will cause it even more stress.

Safe to Travel

If your pet doesn’t usually travel with you in your car, then you will have to spend some time getting it used to car trips.

It might be an idea to talk to the vet about your journey plans for your pet. Speaking of the vet, get the animal checked over to make sure it is healthy enough to handle the extra stress of a long distance trip. Your pet might need a shot to calm it down as well. Sedatives will make the trip easier for the pet as well.

If your pet has its favourite toys, make sure you put them in the carrier with it. Don’t forget to pack its food, chews, toys and blankets.

Hot Dogs

Keep the car temperature to one in which you and the animal are comfortable. Ventilation probably won’t be a problem and if it’s a dog, they will want the window open. Warning: Don’t allow the dog to hang its head out the window when you are driving at 120 kph!

Pet ID

If you are planning to send your pet by plane or in the truck, make sure that it has identification. Address tags for pets should provide contact details, the pet’s name and address…the new address.